About Us

We design, produce and co-pack award winning packaging and displays.

Our team will bring your business strategies to life.

Insightful expertise

We offer insightful expertise in developing innovative retail strategies to be cost effective and to have the maximum impact in store.

  • Thoughtful and innovative design that applies sustainable design guidelines
  • Rigorous Project Management, Quality Management, Inventory Management, and Materials Purchasing Control
  • Value provided across a fully Integrated Merchandising Supply Chain with seamless on and off-site co-packing, co-manufacturing, kitting and assembly
  • We integrate well with both brand teams and leading agencies

A trusted partner

We can work with your agency in various roles - structural designer, graphic designer, ink specialist, producer, project manager, logistics manager, or even as a behind the scenes pre-press or creative partner.

  • FX is a trusted supplier partner to both small startups and global brands
  • We bring your merchandising ideas to life on time and on budget
  • We live by a culture of ethics, social responsibility and environmental stewardship within our supply chain

Industry Involvement

Industry Associations

Certifications and Memberships

We offer impactful, cost-effective, and timely retail solutions that inspire purchases

Let us help you bring your business and retail strategies to life.